Carina Laura Steiner

PhD Candidate at the Center for the Study of Language and Society at the University of Bern.

Research interests:

Morphosyntactic, Lexical, and Phonological Variation and Change in Swiss German Dialects • Individual and Social Factors in Language Variation and Change • Perceptual Dialectology

Cognitive and Affective Factors in Second Language Acquisition • Language Learning Aptitude • Language Learning, Multilingualism and School

News, upcoming Events

Dec 2020:
Jeszenszky, P., Steiner, C., Leemann, A. (in review). Reduction of survey sites through clustering: a new geospatial methodology for traditional dialectology. Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence (tba) – prepint online

September 2020:
Linguistic fieldwork in a pandemic: Supervised data collection combining smartphone recordings and videoconferencing – article published


Upcoming Conference talks:

March 2021: MVC21 - Cambridge, UK (online)

April 2021: FZS2021 - Bern, CH

June 2021: e-SS23 - University of Hong Kong (online)

August 2021: Methods XVII - Mainz, DE (accepted)